Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what grows in the garden

11 days ago.


painted daisy (really a mum)

upstairs neighbor climbed out his window and handed me this cypress from the fire escape. (while he was in his socks) it needs to be planted in earth. I have plans for it in the back, back yard.

which I where I transplanted one of the giant onions.

in March I started clearing out the very back of the yard, which goes another 10 feet beyond the wooden fence. the previous two summers it was so overgrown with weeds that I couldn't get back there. decided to nip it in the bud and start pulling early. there are several dead trees, some fallen over and some still in the ground. one came down during a heavy storm, some time between march and now. was wondering why so many dead trees in this one spot. first thing I noticed was overcrowding- too many trees crammed in one spot at the back of the yard, up against the corner of a building. next thing, I looked at the building and saw a large vent- less than a foot from the trees. could have been spewing toxic fumes or could have been blasting too much heat. then, as I was picking all kinds of man-made debris out of the semi-natural forest floor, I kept coming across a stubborn ribbon of sheet metal that I couldn't get loose. Finally, after unearthing enough material from the spot, I pulled hard on the steel cable attached to the ribbon and it started to come free. The darn thing was running straight through a tree.

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