Tuesday, May 15, 2012

brooklyn flea this weekend!

b and I are so excited to be returning to the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday! As you might recall, we had a booth for the very first Flea in April of 2008.

As the Flea has hopscotched around the city, we've sold with them in various locations- Fort Greene (indoors and out), Dumbo and even Noho in Manhattan. So we are more than psyched to try the latest (and maybe greatest) incarnation, right on the waterfront in Williamsburg. The spot faces the East River and is tucked behind Edge Condos, one of the huge new towers on Kent Street. Just follow your nose to the towers and you can't miss it. The Flea is also accessible via the East River Ferry.

Selling at the PS15 Flea a couple of weeks ago was good practice. Since then we've been hunkered down, getting the booth just right. I'm sewing up a dreamy hippie tent that will transform our standard red-top, white legged Easy-Up into magical Everbriteland. b is constructing a tabletop jewelry case out of wood reclaimed from our back yard! I'm pricing and packing merchandise ahead of time! Now all we need is a sunny day (forecast calls for it so far) and everything will be perfect.

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