Saturday, March 3, 2012

aboard the mary whalen

on saturday b, pamela and I had the great fortune to tour the retired oil tanker mary whalen, which is docked in red hook. carolina salguero, who conducts the tours, is the ship's caretaker and founder of its corresponding nonprofit portside ny. her goal is to educate people on the important role shipping has played in the shaping of nyc, and how it's still a vital part of everyday life here. while on deck carolina pointed out two types of barges as they were tugged by. one was carrying waste to one of the city's many sewage treatment plants. the other transported cement. the mary whalen herself carried fuel up and down the atlantic coast and around nyc from the 1930's until 1994. b and I had visited the mary whalen in 2010, but this was the first time we were treated to a tour of the entire ship, including the engine room below deck.

click here to see the full set of photos on my flickr page.

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