Wednesday, November 23, 2011


flying sketchbook, $22.00

wave and draw your mind notebooks, $8.00

mini planners, $10.00

hippie and cloud pens, $6.00

sunshine stickers, $5.00

lovers wallet, $20

stocking the store up for the holidays, and we've got a new stash of Poketo items. Really, it's like we're becoming a Poketo store. ordering from them is hard (no, it's easy- they're the nicest and most efficient people on earth) no, it's hard, because I want to order everything. And so I do.

the current array of Poketo products includes stationery- sketch books, notebooks, planners, stickers and pens! plus some new wallet designs because I just can't help myself. oh, and super cool, lightweight Dreamcatcher sweatshirts!

I'm spending parts of my Thanksgiving *holiday* updating the website. So these awesome new and reasonably priced goodies will be available to you even if you don't live in New York City.

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