Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new stuff

has it only been a week since I picked my prizes at sodafine? we rented a zip truck today and picked everything up- I couldn't wait! something erin had hiding in her apartment was a wood and glass jewelry case that has tons of storage drawers in the back. a piece we could definitely use. b is going to give it a bit of restoration and it will look great in the store. we're trying to figure out when it was made. I like the fact that it has a slightly more modern, boxy look to it than most of the furniture we have- like it could be from the 60's. we also acquired a rustic-y corner cabinet which erin brought here from philly- b found a spot for it in his "museum."

I unpacked and sorted the clothing this evening- so many pretty spring and summer dresses! and okay, yeah I kept a few for myself. there are also some (warmer) items we can put out this week- sweaters, wool skirts, and some in-between dresses. We have a bunch of vintage shoes also, a few belts and bags, and a great stash of silk scarves.

I looked at the framed embroideries one by one, and there are some incredible pieces in the collection. Embroidery was such a common hobby in the 70's- I couldn't have imagined the finished pieces being something I would collect as an adult, but there you go. they do need a bit of sprucing up, so Kim and I will be busy this week making everything shop-worthy.

sometimes I think about running a shop and how weird it is- we get stuff, then we get rid of it. then we get more, then we get rid of it. then we get more. It kinda never ends, huh? back when i worked for corporate america we got shipments twice a week! and it didn't seem weird at all. but then again I was 22 years old and pretty much just thinking about what was right in front of me.

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