Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pratt show

b and I had the good luck of finding out last-minute about the annual juried pratt show of works by graduating seniors and masters candidates. we ran over tonight to attend a special reception for design professionals, where were able to meet the students. we were both, like, um, blown away by the work and the presentation.

the crowd and the beautiful ceiling at the manhattan center.

copper and enamel cuff, mixed metal headdress: sofia ramsay.

lahyun choi told me the story of how she spent a lot of time in the hospital as a child. she became fascinated with the body's internal organs and seeks to show their beauty and life-affirming qualities through her jewelry. she uses silver, a traditional jewelry material to represent what's on the outside, and silicone to indicate bodily flesh, or what's inside.

anger by leslie boyd.
I have always found myself intrigued by the unspoken thoughts and embedded personality traits of an individual. What a person is ashamed, scared, or moved to anger by, for example, can become apparent by the most subtle of movements, breathing changes, or irregularities in speech. I constantly find myself reading my friends, family members, and strangers alike for evidence of what thought patterns can present outwardly on an individual.

Through traditional metalsmithing techniques nine pieces have been created in response to this obsession of reading people. Each is meant to bring attention to the emotion that it portrays- the emotion we try to conceal. Some act as vessels for attributes, while others contain a specific part of the body. Repetitive clusters of pattern and surface texture represent the viral qualities of these thoughts in their ability to affect us physically.

daniel nicole hills predator rings, bladed comb.

jess fügler paper brushes. one of my favorite things at the show! I would love to sell these in the ebmerc shop if they become available for sale.

mouth blown glass by kyle solá

this is just a sampling of the many beautiful things we saw at the show. it's free and open to the public through friday, so go check it out if you can.

Pratt Show
The Manhattan Center
311 W. 34th St. @8th Ave.
May 12-13, 9am-9pm
May 14 9am-1pm


kendal croix said...

incredible jewelry.

dash said...

I know...even more amazing in person.