Monday, May 24, 2010

our first strawberries

it is so much fun (and rewarding) inheriting someone else's garden. now that I've got it pretty well cleaned and set up, we started adding some plants of our own. we are lucky enough to have TWO garden centers right down the street from our apartment. yesterday we picked out some lovely succulents and other perennials to fill in the giant and empty flower box, and a pot of three young zucchini plants. then today we got some organic top soil to fill in b's veggie bed. I placed the small green bean plants a neighbor gave us along the fence, and added the tiny pepper seedlings. the zucchini plants went right in the middle, as they spread out and need room. tomorrow I plan on sprinkling a section with a packet of herb mix seeds. (I've been trying to sprout them indoors, with poor results. being in a basement, we don't have a window sunny enough to make it work.)

and oh yeah, b and I tried the first two ripe strawberries. heaven!

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