Friday, January 15, 2010

lazy days

so the coat came today. I was really excited at first, but upon closer examination I realized it had some flaws. b asked me if I was being *mollieish* as my mood fell. yeah, maybe a bit, but that didn't stop me from calling Alpha and letting them know that the quality of the women's coat isn't quite what the men's is. You see those cord button hole loops? mine arrived all frayed. the same cord is used as a drawstring on the hood and waist- also frayed. so I'm sending it back in exchange for a better one. (I hope) it's not shiny silver either. the woman at Alpha said it was the reflection made by the camera flash (they must get this question all the time) that made the jacket appear shiny. I don't believe her. b's is shiny olive green. mine is a matte silver.

the door buzzer rang at 10am, b and I both fast asleep. b bolted up in bed, looking all confused. the door, I said. will you get the door? it's probably my coat. ups. glancing up at the clock, I quickly realized it was felecia here for work, not ups. I got felecia started with her projects, then jumped in the shower. we had gone to bed early too. (for us anyway) could be my body detoxing from four days without coffee. for me *new years resolutions* are more of a subtle thing- maybe a resolve to look at things differently. or maybe this year is just different. I seem to be settling into better habits almost without effort. last year was a year to go all astray.

this week seemed to fly by. I missed paper recycling again last night. going for long walks seems to take more out of us when the weather is this cold. having regular appointments in the city is a nice excuse to get some lunch (kunjip!) visit the surly old jewelry supply store, spend some time in the main branch of the new york public library and take alternate routes heading downtown through murray hill and gramercy. b is endlessly amused by gramercy park, the one park in manhhatan we can't walk through. 30 blocks up the west side, 6 crosstown blocks east, and 37 blocks back downtown, we found ourselves at veselka in the east village. again, amazed I've never been to this place for the amount of time i've lived in this city. veselka's sidewalk seats are always packed in nice weather, sort of scaring me away. but man, I'm so glad we finally ate there. second avenue is lined with Ukrainian cultural institutions such as the Ukrainian American Youth Association, Uk. Nat'l Women's Association, Uk. Amer. Publishing House, Uk. Amer. Soccer Assocation, on and on. and yeah, there are several restaurants too, Veselka being the awesomest diner/ neighborhood hangout/ grab a quick bite kind of place. we shared some potato pancakes and chocolate peanut butter pie. possibly the best I've ever had in both categories.

tomorrow....friday. laundry...

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