Sunday, November 29, 2009


got in a bit of yoga this morning. feeling like I've crossed a hump in terms of getting things done. b and I were fortunate to have no thanksgiving plans this year. for the next day we had to be up early and out the door wearing heavy backpacks full of merchandise. the first day of gifted was fun, for sure. I was a bit dazed from taking various herbs and homeopathic remedies, not knowing if I was getting a cold or having allergies. turns out I was fine, making it through the show without a sneeze. we had a lot of interest in our products and our booth looked great if I do say so myself. b rigged up a display from a light stand and a fishing pole, from which the kreepy dolls dangled and delighted. design glut's world links necklace caught many peoples' eyes, including julie chang of fox5 news. yee-haw industries' letterpress products were a big hit, as well as andrew clark and kiel mead's rings. we'll be out there again this wednesday, and we'll be switching up the product mix.

after hitting the bed like a rock friday night, I got up early yesterday and starting putting products away, deciding what to take next time and doing some administrative work. then the exhaustion hit me and b and I both crashed in the late afternoon. watched some various shows on hulu (have you seen rick steves' europe? I highly recommend it!) then walked to peaches for a late dinner.

today? I'm going to model some of my own jewelry. yes, it's true! this season i made some extra-big bling, the scale of which is hard to tell from the photos. now, I think it's time for coffee!

oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, new jewelry!


My Owl Barn said...

Love the all your jewelry. The necklace in the first photo is lovely!

dash said...

thank you Shivani. nice to meet you- and your book project is great. I will try to spread the word.