Tuesday, November 10, 2009

arts n' crafts rain day

(posted by "and friend" of ebmerc.com)

It didn't rain. But rain would have fit the day.

In addition to Mollie's upcoming Eco Jewelry Design workshop at Brooklyn Design Lab, she is going to install a window display at their studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The theme of the display: re-purposing of non-recyclable materials.

Or some such thing... I wasn't quite paying attention.

As Joanna and Mollie worked at their extremely well-organized table in Mollie's studio, I made a gigantic mess on the floor: cutting old telephone wire, plastic bottles and magazines.

craft day at molliedash / everbrite mercantile

The result of my hacky labor: an Obama-headed "Mr. T Bot" Uber-Bling necklace (who pities the fool quite nicely as his cardboard voice balloon clearly indicates.)

Mission accomplished. Time for leftover chinese delivery chow.

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