Monday, February 9, 2009

new york saturday

the weather was pretty nice here this weekend, b and i venturing out on saturday to williamsburg to do an errand. I was thinking that the burg only had one baby store, only to realize that there are at least three. I picked up a shower gift at sweet william and then we walked across north sixth street to artists & fleas, the weekend market for hand made goods and used books. I completed the gift with a little stuffed doll from karen's monsters. lulu.s soap had a huge display of hand made bars, and I'm a sucker for things that smell good and natural. the large, dense bars are just $5! I picked up the aloe yucca, and it passed my own personal soap test. (not drying out my face) creator michele named the company after her son, stating that her soaps are "tested only on teenagers." we had planned on going to the queens museum of art, but the day was so nice that we decided to just wander around brooklyn. we stayed in the northwest corner of williamsburg and visited golden calf, which is moving to a different location in the neighborhood and clearing out its inventory. we both got cloisonee thimbles, ($5 each) mine for sewing and b's for practicing his sleight of hand. wandering through the industrial park and up to greenpoint, we walked over to mcguinnes boulevard. lined with truck part and tire stores, a couple of factory outlets and a giant supermarket, I wouldn't have thought to walk along it. but the road turns into the pulaski bridge, spanning the newtown creek and crossing into long island city, queens. we took the pedestrian path, passing a few other walkers and cyclists. the view is unbelievable, allowing a glimpse into the boroughs' industrial pasts and quickly changing present. meaning lots of new condo projects. by this time we were getting hungry, and we walked over to vernon boulevard to get a bite. the street is popping with lots of new shops and cafes, and subdivison boutique and gallery, one of the first to open there in recent years, is still doing their thing. in terms of style queens doesn't quite compare to brooklyn, but it's always fun to check out what's going on in our neighboring borough. after dinner we walked out to the piers, part of gantry state park, to take in the stunning views of manhattan as the sun was setting and the many lights of the city were coming up. it was starting to get kinda cold by then so we walked over to the g train near the citibank building, and headed back to brooklyn.

photos from wired new york.

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