Thursday, February 26, 2009

birthing a new idea

it's hard to pinpoint exactly when the idea coagulated, but within the past month b and i realized that we had begun to start a business. bringing together the experience we have from running, we've decided to open a second online store. everbrite mercantile co. will represent the best of what we see out there in product design and functionality, using the defining parameters of quality, uniqueness, and sustainability. I remember the day b asked me what i wanted to carry in my store. I spent the next hour rolling off jokes, conceptual ideas for things that can't really be sold. this is something we've discussed, and most likely will be a part of the shop, but b was serious in defining my role as curator/buyer. I honestly didn't know I had it in me at the time, but I find myself a month later taking to the role like a fish to water.

samples have arrived this week from vendors (natural bath and skin care will be a big part of the mix) and today we received our first order, hand delivered by a fellow bed-stuy designer. yay!

stay tuned for more news. everbrite mercantile co. opens april 21.


Laura said...

how exciting! can't wait to see it when it opens. i laughed out loud when i saw "and friend". awesome.

dash said...

when I saw that b wrote that, I thought of crediting you.