Tuesday, September 16, 2008


the stoop sale on saturday was a complete success in my mind. not only did I sell a few things, but I met more of my neighbors in one afternoon than I had in almost a year of living here. one woman, nina, told me that she thought we would, by having our sale, encourage others to do the same. the next morning, three woman who live across the street, who had been my last customers, had a sale of their own. we popped over there before leaving for manhattan, and I was their first customer. also on saturday we met two members of the block association, who invited us to the meetings, and told us that they were the ones responsible for the new garden alongside the 222 bodega. the sale went past 6pm. lesson learned that is is not necessary to start a yard sale in brooklyn before noon.

cleaning up on saturday evening, we left a few things in front of the house with "free" signs on them. everything was gone by the next day. my cassette tape collection is now reduced by half.

I spent all day yesterday putting the apartment back together, separating things into boxes of stuff to ebay, things to save for a future sale, and things that just needed to be put away. going through what was already in the closet, I took out some shelved projects that I will now get to, such as framing some pictures. the jewelry parts are all now in their proper homes and I have a lot more space to work. yesss....

the fall line is coming along very well. I have around twenty pieces near completion.

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