Tuesday, September 23, 2008

go see it

many people have already blogged about this, but I'll ad my recommendation. if you are anywhere near the philadelphia area, go see the calder jewelry exhibit! everyone knows alexander calder (third generation philadelphia sculptor, btw) for his iconic mobiles. (for which marcel duchamp coined the term) I remember seeing a documentary while in art school which showed calder tinkering in his studio. it is clear to see how the jewelry is an extension of his more famous work, or a way to work out ideas on a smaller scale. from my own observation, every piece in the show was made from bent and/or hammered wire, and nothing was soldered together. meaning that it was all joined with wire rivets and joints. AMAZING. also, he didn't sand or polish a single piece- all the tool marks were visible. the strength of his work is in the form, artistry and playfulness.

truth be told, I planned the trip to philadelphia with the intention of attending my 25th high school reunion, but changed my mind at the last minute. b and I spent saturday with my mom in philly. the calder was shown at the museum's newly acquired and renovated perelman building, a former life insurance building across the street from the main museum. we peeked our heads into the main building, and b was kind of blown away. we'll have to go back for another visit. later on we ended up on south street, where I showed b philadelphia's magic gardens, a house and garden transformed head to toe with mosaic and found object sculpture. look here for some wonderful photos of the site and its creator isaiah zagar.

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