Friday, August 1, 2008


we're in a cheap motel room with wifi in eureka, california. we left l.a. wednesday at noon, drove up to the bay area, poked around point reyes, arriving after it was too dark to camp. drove further north and spent the night in healdsburg, in the heart of sonoma county. the next morning, after a quick swim in the pool and dip in the jacuzzi, we headed into downtown healdsburg for breakfast and a walk through town. then into the dry creek valley for wine tasting. it was my first time in wine country, and I fell in love. sonoma is filled with small, family-owned vineyards, each with its own character. the vintners live right on their "estates," and often the tasting room is part of their home. we loved Preston of Dry Creek, which beyond being a winery, is a fully functioning organic farm. the tasting room is part of a market where they sell their eggs, cheese, bread, olive oil, and produce. guests are invited take the goods outside and picnic in their garden. not only did we pick up some wine and peaches at Preston, but b spotted a table down the road with an honor jar. it was put out by some local residents, and we got five fresh, crisp apples for a dollar!

well I should get to sleep, but lots more to tell and photos to post soon. heading up to portland tomorrow.

We stayed at the L&M in Healdsburg, a motor lodge owned by the same family since the 1930's.

Downtown Healdsburg

Dry Creek Valley

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