Thursday, April 10, 2008

oh happy day

I'm sitting here at home at 10:30 pm, with the windows open. woo hoo! after constructing half a necklace and doing a load of laundry, I finally realized I wasn't going to get any work done and headed out to williamsburg for a walk. I seem to be drawn to franklin st. in greenpoint, which is emerging as a street with stuff. a couple of bars, some pretty serious coffee houses, a book store that has a full schedule of readings and events, and a boutique or two. wandering through williamsburg and back (the way to get to greenpoint) is a perfect way to spend a warm evening. I made it a point to walk on streets, or portions of streets I don't always visit, and found my way into cinders gallery. after visiting the whitney biennial at the park avenue armory last month, I was left with the feeling that I just don't get art. having studied painting and printmaking in college, I was always frustrated at the idea of having to be up on who was *important* in the art world. I much preferred to trust my own taste and enjoy art I could understand without having to read an explanation in a catalogue. this is perhaps the reason I love cinders. I know I can always walk in there and find something I like, or respond to. most of the work they exhibit is small, sometimes unframed, and the *shop* section carries a great selection of zines and artist's books.

cinders gallery is located at 103 havermeyer st. in williamsburg, brooklyn.


loulouhex said...

hey mollie mcdash,

heh heh. eric sto, one of the cinders people is from vcu sculpture. represent.

i like art that you get something out of at first look. it's cool if you can get something else after reading about it. it's like a gift with purchase. come to think about it, sometimes i like stuff that you can't figure out without reading about it, but the thing is there needs to be room for it all. and i think sometimes people use obfuscation in place of quality.

love, the enforcer

dash said...

I hear ya. not like you have to get everything on first look. there's something to artwork that makes you think and wonder what's going on. room for interpretation. but seems like so much of what I see is like a one-liner. so damn literal. and what's it saying? I don't know. I don't know if the artist knows.

dood. like we're back in art school. let's apply to grad school together in france and be in critiques and have to speak in french. gas-o-line-rainbow.

loulouhex said...

maybe we can study french philospophy and get some good lube so we get our heads up our own asses.

oh snap son.