Wednesday, April 23, 2008


been feeling a little exhausted after selling at the brooklyn flea twice this month. I had the grand plan of taking the week off and doing nothing but yoga and dance. YEAH. like that really happened. monday was a play day, starting with yoga, meeting bobbi for lunch, and wandering through the city with her until dark. perhaps my favorite part of the day was sitting on the south-facing steps in union square and just watching people. man, I never do that any more. tuesday and wednesday turned back into work days. I shipped off a collection to modish, posted some new work on supermarket, but the most fun...was working on some new pieces. last time I checked in with ai ai gasa and rare device, they both requested more delicate necklaces. give the people what they want is what I say, so this afternoon I embarked on creating daintier versions of some of my current necklace designs. I'll post some photos shortly. they're really sweet, and the colors rock.


loulouhex said...

this necklace is hilarious bc it's all art deco-y and delicate but it says "scotch".

dash said...

I know.