Monday, March 24, 2008

what I've been up to

b left for L.A. again, around noon today, to finish up his wb project and take care of some other stuff. I do my best to find things I like about the place, but truth be told we'd both rather be somewhere else. b's lived there so long that his roots run deep. we hope this will be the last of his trips there.

we've spent so much time together in brooklyn over the last month, experiencing everything as one, discussing politics and history, economics and current events. all that is talked about on public radio, which i keep running as I do my work. the apartment is scattered with piles of jewelry in various states. magnet making on the glass table by the front window. ziplock bags of beads, findings, vintage brooches, bracelets, and various other bits to be sold at the flea in two weeks, on the floor right below. the last of the box kate brought me in the middle of the floor, being methodically sorted through. my desk covered with current projects and little dishes of pieces I've been picking apart. the filing cabinets covered in chains.

last night we watched the darjeeling limited as I cooked bean soup. after it was over, I asked b if he wanted to watch the prequel, hotel chevalier. he said no, that he wanted to watch a doc on the history of the machine gun. I watched hotel chevalier just now. I had seen it when it was first released, looked at the d.l. website, and was instantly inspired by the colors of the film, which is evident in the current design of my website.

I've been resting up a good long time post-flu, and if I don't get back into a yoga class tomorrow, I'll go out of my mind.


bongolicious said...

it was a BRITISH documentary !

that automatically makes it "culture".

dash said...