Thursday, September 20, 2007

indian summer

it's a warm, sunny day near summer's end here in bed-stuy. just a brief update in between wash and dry cycles, as b is out interviewing for a job. we've been on a hardcore apartment search, as I get on top of all the early-autumn demands of this business. last week I sent a collection of my work over to the sundance channel, as I continue to contribute to the wardrobe for the green. this week I completed a new collection for modishoppe, a wonderful online boutique I will be selling with for the first time this fall. coming up, I will be restocking bracelets and key chains at rare device. btw, I will be attending a talk this evening,"Blogging the Handmade: Creating Community, Conversation and Commerce," at the American Craft Council Library given by rd owner rena tom as she swings through nyc. I hope to report on it, as well as the feral childe spring 08 fashion show I attended last weekend. more on the agenda...just wanted to check in. enjoy the fabulous weather if you can.


sulu-design said...

Please do report on Rena's talk. I'm sorry to miss it!

dash said...

hey susan- I was just thinking about you. way to go on the d*s sneak peek. I'll report on it- and I need to start taking my camera to these events. someone was there from etsy videotaping, as well as faythe levine from the indie craft documentary project.