Friday, September 14, 2007


And now to let you know what I keep inside all those little boxes: My pin collection. The enamel blue leaf and turquoise butterfly come from my grandmother's travels in Scandanavia. I bought the ceramic pointing finger in Philadelphia, when I was in high school. The square one is a 1"x1" etching (my grand feat was pulling it through the press) I made while at VCU. The bulldog is from an old family friend who worked for Mack Trucks. Most of the rhinestone pins were gifts, as was the large filigree oval. A few others I picked up in nyc antique stores. Probably the most unusual one is the circular shell pin, hand painted with warriors on horses. That one belonged to my grandmother.


sgn said...

Mollie, I recognize many of those pins - childhood memories of Grandmom's jewelry collection!

dash said...

hey sue!

ambika said...

These are gorgeous! I'm so envious.