Thursday, February 28, 2013

allll . . . mooost . . . done

Every morning a batch of trinkets awaits me by the sink- the last bit of cleaning I did before going to bed. Every night I wonder- am I almost done? I know I'm almost done cleaning all of the small things- I think I am. Bryan says there's almost nothing left in storage. I've emptied all of my own boxes, but we're unsure if some of my things got thrown in with his. There is still something missing and I can't remember the last time I saw it. Five of my bead boxes made it here. I've been spending my days scooping out each little section, rinsing off the beads- scrubbing rust off if they're metal, leaving them in piles to dry, and placing them in various bowls for sorting. While dreaming of the new designs I would create, I remembered the one missing box. The small one containing tiny, semi-precious stones. I don't remember seeing it, but I can't imagine what happened to it. The back room studio to our apartment was cleaned out the first day, by Eric and me. We were very careful to sift through the standing water, and we recovered lots of little bits. If the box had busted open, the small beads would have been in the water. I don't think anything drifted from the back room to the front room. Hmm...

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