Monday, January 9, 2012

onward and upward

as you might know, we will be closing our Red Hook Store on January 15.


1. economics
bryan and I are working within a limited budget. we have been paying rent on both our apartment and the store. The space we got on Van Brunt Street is amongst the most affordable in New York City. Not to say it's the cheapest in all of nyc, but the most affordable amongst neighborhoods that would suit us. The foot traffic on Van Brunt Street was not sufficient to make it possible to cover our expenses.

2. burnout
we scoured long island, upstate and eastern pa to find vintage treasures to sell in brooklyn. we launched 8 art shows and produced 4 multi media performance evenings. we met a lot of people. we sold a lot of crap. we are tired.


this afternoon I found myself taking a walk down memory lane. Going from the present to the past, I looked through all of the photos on my flickr page. In there I found some pics of the Red Hook Mercado from the spring of 2010, in which Everbrite Mercantile Co. was merely a flimsy folding table. and who's that? could it be...... why..... it's EVERBRITE CELEBKID DIANE TOMASI. (see how awed I am in her presence?)


but it got me thinking that everbrite mercantile co. had shown its face before that, (in late 2009) at GIFTED, the Brooklyn Flea's holiday market.

We've come a long way since then.

A sincere thank you to the intrepid who made it to Red Hook to visit our store. We know it's not easy! Well actually it is easy, but we won't go into that now. Most of all we thank our Red Hook neighbors, who took us in with open arms.

to answer the next question: What's on the agenda for Everbrite Mercantile Co.?
1. rest
2. travel
3. website redesign
4. make things, as in art
5. remember why it is we live in new york city, and get out a little
6. regroup and decide on the next move

OH YES, and don't forget our moving sale. We will be open Wed. through Sun. of this week.

Merchandise, fixtures, (meaning vintage furniture) the last few pieces of Andre Van Hoek's Pennsylvania farm country antiques, odds n ends, and vintage arcade video games, all at ridiculously low prices!


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