Wednesday, October 27, 2010

if i had a milli

It's a dreary day in red hook which means plenty of time to look around the store and ponder. I gave myself an imaginary 150 dollars and picked out what i want most. I challenge you to do the same and stay within budget. It's tricky tricky i tell you.

option one:
I blow most of my budget on a silver ring with lincoln's face imprinted on it and then i have a little left over to satisfy my denim craving with kwilti's patched potholders and enjoy the fantasy of french ready-to-wear by buying a chouette tee, designed by a fancy french lady in the early nineteen eighties.
kiel mead lincoln ring 100
chouette dots tee 22
two kwilti potholders 12+12=24
total: 146

option two:
I am a vintage and antique lover. Antiques are so good at taking my money because they have such a persona that new items don't possess. it's as if they look me in the eye point out to me that "this is it, we may never see each other again," and i swear the day someone buys the polynesian hand i will shed a tear.
Polynesian Hand 78
antique metal cowboy toys (in store only) 10+10+10+10=40
antique wooden cars 10+10+10=30
total: 148

option three:
This is the most impressive and practical option, but not my top choice. I can add a few awesome details to my home life and have the softest skin ever all at the same time.
Kwilti pillow 60
Goe oil (in store only) 28
serious moisture 17
three sake cups 10+10+10=30
three handmade magnets (in store only) 5+5+5=15
total: 150

I would have to go over budget to really make the perfect combination. I'll stay itemless in the meantime. Oh, but you shouldn't hesitate to spoil yourself. Here i'll make it easy for you. xo lou

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kendal croix. said...

those rings are too perfect.