Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i teach classes

I finished teaching my first semi-private class today at Brooklyn Design Lab! I did an Eco Jewelry Design class, in which I asked the students to bring in any old jewelry parts they'd like to reconfigure into new designs. I was so lucky to have two such amazing students, who were both quick and eager to learn. I brought along a bunch of old parts myself including pendants, beads and clasps, plus waxed cotton cord and copper wire to join it all together. I taught the girls macrame, lashing, slip knots, jump ring manipulation (tricky if you've never done it) and a bit of wire wrapping. here are some pics from today, the second day of a two-part class.

sofia and nusheen, wearing the necklaces and bracelets they made the first day.

sofia's charm bracelet

along with her macrame and chain bracelet!

nusheen's charm bracelet

nusheen's macrame ring!

If you'd like to schedule a class contact Amy at BDL. Adults and children are welcome.

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