Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new pieces

Pink Tassel Necklace. I love to take chain tassels apart and put them back together, improved. Here I've replaced the base metal wire with lovely copper wraps that have been antiqued and polished. The tassel is hung on pink vintage Japanese chain. Seriously.

I found a use for this bracelet chain of copper diamonds. (I was stashing it away in all honesty.) A weird thing happens when you buy vintage to sell- some pieces tug at you and are hard to part with. Like you're never going to find anything like it again! So here I've made it into a little charm bracelet. The tiny charm that's hiding is a Finnish penny. (penni)

This pendant was a brooch- the tassels hang in slight graduation.

Chunky Amber cuff links. They were sitting in my "to polish" pile for many months. When the weather got nice I brought a big batch out back and went at them with the dremel and tripoli. The findings are made from Alpaca, a metal alloy used to mimic sterling silver. They fooled me to the point that I almost listed them as sterling, until I noticed the hallmark stamp.

Mary Brooch. These little vintage pieces amaze me. Names and such are spelled out in a single piece of square wire, ending in the pin back. They're usually backed by shell, and this one is carved to look like a pair of kissing love birds.

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