Sunday, June 28, 2009

what's a trunk show?

that's a question I was asked by a very nice couple strolling the neighborhood in greenpoint yesterday who spotted the sandwich board out front. they came in as a gentleman was deciding on a necklace from my new collection, a birthday gift for his wife. he said that she liked this shop, as well as those along franklin street. one that sounded like Horn and Hardart. I thought about what he said for a minute as the conversation moved to other topics. then it came to me- "Hayden-Harnett?" I asked him. "Yes, that's right," he said. then the neighborhood visitor chimed in- "you two look too young to remember Horn and Hardart." I explained that I didn't remember the home of the automat myself, but that my dad, who grew up in philly, often reminisced about it. the customer said that he moved to new york in 1984, and they were still in existence then. we all talked about how much manhattan has changed and he admitted that he rarely goes there any more, adding "I was down on st. marks a while ago, and I didn't like it." tiffany chimed in that she too is quite attached to brooklyn, and hardly knows manhattan at all. me- I like them both- but I love living in our fair borough.

so are some pics from yesterday's trunk show at the fabulous old hollywood- that's shop owner tiffany porter in the vintage red skirt! it was so much fun spending the afternoon there in greenpoint. thanks to everyone who stopped by and those who went home with a few treats. through the day I'll be updating the website with new inventory. I have an idea for a little site tweak that involves new shop sections. stay tuned.

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