Friday, May 22, 2009

a little time off

so! b and I are in San Pedro again, back for our once or twice yearly L.A. trip to see friends and family. we have a wedding to attend this weekend. chuck picked us up around 3pm yesterday at Long Beach airport. the best little airport that is NOT LAX. but he told us that he heard that they might be discontinuing Jet Blue service to Long Beach since they're picking up LAX. say it isn't so!

stacy and chuck lucked into a house deal here in Pedro, so they'll be giving up our favorite apartment on the bluff. we swung by the new house on the way back from the airport and we got to see all the work they've been putting into it. it's in the rewall / refloor, rip out part of the staircase stage. the house belonged to a friend who was a middle-aged bachelor pack rat, so, you know. it's a 1920's bungalow that has been extended to the back, has tons of light from each side, a sun room off the master bedroom, original tile in the bathrooms, a full, pitched-roof attic, um, yeah. pretty charming. since they have a one-year old baby, the house will come in handy.

today on her way to work stacy dropped me off at the san pedro farmer's market downtown. spanning a block of sixth street, it has produce, hand made soaps and food items, latin american crafts, antiques, several mexican food vendors and live music. I went straight for the tamales and fresh strawberry-lime juice. yum! the beadwork of the one of the vendors caught my eye and I inquired about buying wholesale. the men selling the work were Huichol Indians from Mexico, dressed in full authentic wear of brightly embroidered white shirts and pants, broad-brimmed hats decorated with large tassels, and their peyote stitch jewelry. I put together a great selection of earrings, tasseled barettes and necklaces. the color combinations are gorgeous. I can't wait to photograph them.

so now the sun is setting and b is napping on the couch. ciao.

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