Thursday, March 26, 2009


so...yesterday a writer and a photographer from a very great magazine came to my studio to do a little feature for an upcoming issue. don't want to give too much away cause sometimes these things don't get published- but I have a good feeling about this one.

it was a nice break from the ongoing tedious grown-up work I have to do for the new website. it wouldn't be half as bad if my big bank wasn't recently absorbed by an even bigger bank. opening four new accounts, transferring funds from my existing accounts, changing the information for all of my electronic bill payments, validating new debit cards, getting ready to close the old accounts, contacting mr. banker man who made a mistake when getting a set of checks printed, blah, blah, blah.

yesterday after the interview b and I took a long walk down to gowanus and bought some humongous shelves to house the inventory. fun! a little less of our floor is now covered in cardboard boxes.

received a shipment today of delicious-smelling soaps. hand made in staten island from totally pure ingredients.

contacted the best blog I know to advertise the new site.

went through the vendor list to see who has good quality photographs of their merchandise. having these will save us hours of work, minimizing the amount we need to shoot ourselves.

reserved a blogspot blog.

still need to set up web hosting.

but alas, it's cocktail hour.

1 comment:

bongolicious said...

a 200 pound load of fun.

ohhhhhh yeah.


fun if you didn't have to carry a 300 pound box on your shoulder uphill from Gowanus to Bed-Stuy.

yeahhhhhh... "fun"

400 pounds of fun.