Tuesday, December 18, 2007

driving is fun!

I flew into Long Beach airport yesterday afternoon. The place is so small, the baggage claim is outside. you know, it's casual- it's L.A.- whatever. b's here doing some work with warner bros. for a month, and I'm joining him for the holidays. if this was the type of blog where I ranted, I would tell you about the lovely couple and their baby I had the good luck of sitting next to on the flight. but this isn't that type of blog. b had to do some welding at his friend's house, so I dropped him off earlier today. driving his truck back north on the 405, I was reminded of how much fun driving can be sometimes. six lanes in each direction, baby. now I'm waiting for L to pick me up, and I will take her yoga class. L.A. is uncharacteristically cool and cloudy today. we're staying at b's mom's house in gardena, part of the suburban sprawl south of L.A. as much as people love to hate this city, it is the perfect antidote to nyc. there's only so much stimulation a person can take.

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