Monday, August 13, 2007


on saturday when I got back to manhattan from the ferry at whitehall, I kept walking instead of getting back on the r train. I walked north on water st. then meandered a bit through the south st. seaport area- there are some old, old blocks there. lively waterfront type bars with merry drunk people hanging out front, on narrow cobblestone streets. the brooklyn bridge was ahead and i crossed under it, as I could the see the municipal building at centre and chambers up and to the left, to catch the j. to the right near the water were robert moses houses, and again, I was amazed at the blocks of manhattan that exist, which most people overlook, or have no to reason to go to. the city's emphasis has been at the center, neglecting the edges. the robert moses houses are tucked away near bridge entrances here and there, all over the city. the path to centre st. is blocked by a massive police headquarters. I crossed back under the bridge, through a sloping 70's style bricked park taken over by skaters. some kid on a bike with a curly fro was being photographed by a slick girl with a sweet camera setup.


ambika said...

This is something that I wish I could experience but having never been to New York, I'm sure when I finally do visit there'll be none of the leisure of exploration.

And in my own city? Having grown up here, discovering anything is pretty hard to do. Though I do love it.

dash said...

hey ambika! I love your blog!

I definitely make time to explore- that's how I've gotten to know the city. i've been here almost three and a half years, and it seems that I never run out of things to discover.

haven't been to seattle yet- it's on the list!