Tuesday, July 31, 2007


a month a half into this, and I'm thinking, blogging's hard!!! harder to be a blogger than it is to be a blog reader. maybe it's summer. yeah. that's it. here's what I've been up to:: I got a surprise visit from my bf last week. about five days of slacking off, and then i poured it on over the weekend. I'm cleaning up the apartment in order to do a photo shoot for design*sponge. I'm thrilled to be chosen to do a sneak peek for this great, great blog. I also shipped out a new batch of earrings for ritual adornments and have added a few new pieces to the site. I visited with rena tom before she left for sf, and also bade farewell to beryl, one of my stockists which is closing up shop. while the bf was here, we had the great fortune to meet up with one of my british customers and her man. the web really does bring people together! more later, i'm tired. whine...


janelle said...

can't wait to see your sneak peek!

dash said...

thanks janelle. it should be up soon.